The QRC Institute, a leading consulting and training portal, focuses on providing regulatory and quality training to professionals and organizations from various industries, across the globe

The QRC Institute aims to help its clients adopt a holistic approach in dealing with quality, risk management, and compliance issues. Since our founding in 2012, we are invested in providing training and consulting services to professionals in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Clinical, and Food Industries. Our work has earned us the trust of companies who consider us to be an integral part of their technical training programs. We are proud to have a diverse clientele ranging from small to large companies. We intend to create a niche for ourselves in the compliance industry by providing cutting edge training to ensure our clients meet the stringent demands of regulatory authorities. We provide training in different forms: live webinars, recorded webinars, and in-person seminars. These training programs ensure the growth of the organizations as well as the career growth of the attendees. We work tirelessly to uphold our motto of ‘Stay updated, stay safe’ and to ensure that we provide the latest, relevant updates in our niche. We believe that providing the best training will foster an environment of compliance by aligning the organizations’ goals with those of the regulating bodies and provide the space to be innovative and drive the business forward.


Why Choose Us

Every major regulated industry needs to comply with the ever-changing regulations as per the regulatory bodies’ updates. With our pool of experienced and knowledgeable industry leaders, we seek to bridge the gap and keep professionals updated on the evolving regulations and guidelines in their respective fields. Our network of over 100 instructors comes with experience in your industry and from having previously worked with Fortune 500 companies in senior positions and consulting roles. The trainers are from all over the world and their real-world expertise is demonstrated in the insights you receive. Our information sharing sessions provide the perfect opportunity to sow and nurture thoughts and ideas that drive better results. Our talented crew of customer support, training & business development professionals is dedicated to providing the best assistance and services.

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Our Strength

The biggest distinguishing factor for any training rests upon the quality of our subject matter experts. Anyone can offer “cost-effective” training, but only a handful can assemble an elite panel of Experts, who bring their insights, education and practical hands on experience to each course they teach. A training provider that comes with sub-par Experts serves no purpose to the participants. In this area, The QRC Institute has always stayed ahead of the pack, with a pool of some of the best names with years of experience and proven training ability.
We employ the top minds in industry to develop and deliver robust, impactful training based on widely-established adult learning principles. The QRC Institute has excelled in bridging the gap between industry and professionals over the years and that’s why we are revolutionizing the training industry.

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