can an employer refuse annual leave

You’ve approved it. Yes. Such criteria include the reason of the cancellation, the notice given and the possibility to book the time off later in the same holiday year. Your employer can refuse your holiday request if you’ve used up all your holiday entitlement for that leave year. Employers may decide to approve requests for longer periods of annual leave under certain circumstances, however doing so may create an expectation from employees that these requests will be approved in the future. Section 88 (2) of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) states that “the employer must not unreasonably refuse to agree to a request by the employee to take paid annual leave”. A key member of staff has requested a week off work. In simple it can be said that both employee and employer have the right to cancel booked holidays when enough notice has been given and other criteria have been met. The realisation dawns on you that maybe you won’t be able to handle the workload without everyone on board. However, the delayed response meant that the refusal had become unreasonable due to the delay and the employee had little choice but to tell them that she could not attend work during that period. They could claim constructive dismissal in such circumstances. The operational requirements of the business: You are able to consider the operational requirements of the business when reviewing a leave request. The legislation regarding annual leave and cancellation of annual leave is included in the Working Time Regulations 1998. You can also opt-out of having your anonymised browsing activity within websites recorded by analytics cookies. It is illegal under the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 for an employer to pay an allowance in lieu of the minimum statutory holiday entitlement of an employee unless the employment relationship is terminated. Therefore, it is important to have an understanding of what grounds you are able to refuse an annual leave request. If you take an excessive amount of time to refuse a leave request, it may be deemed unreasonable. For employers, managing employee leave requests can be a headache – even more so than usual in a year which includes the World Cup in Russia. However, I understand that employee’s leave requests do not always work to the best interests of the business. Under the general protections provisions in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act), it is unlawful for a person to take adverse action against another person for a proscribed reason. It isn’t uncommon for employee to want to use what’s left of their annual leave entitlement whilst working their notice period. Have you experienced symptoms of burnout due to your career? They’ve booked a safari—or a beach getaway—or they’re touring Europe. It is important to manage this process carefully to ensure you are not opening up your business to unnecessary risk. Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated, National restrictions in England from 5 November, Contracts of employment and working hours, Work and financial support during coronavirus, Workers on furlough because of coronavirus (COVID-19), Holidays, time off, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave, Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support, Transparency and freedom of information releases, tell their staff to take leave, for example bank holidays or Christmas, restrict when leave can be taken, for example at certain busy periods. However, if an employer’s frequent refusals mean that the employee is not able to take their full statutory annual leave allocation over the course of a year, this becomes both an employment law issue and a healthy and safety issue protected by law. If the contract says something different about the notice a worker or employer should give, what’s in the contract will apply. The employer would also be disallowed from cancelling an employee’s annual leave if that meant that the employee as a result would not be able to use up all their holiday entitlement before the end of that booking year. This case highlights that employers should, at least, take into account the following factors to ensure they do not fall foul of section 88 (2). The employer must tell the worker before the notice period begins. The Report identified critical issues in wage theft as well as deliberate action taken by employers to frustrate employees’ attempts to recover entitlements. In general, your annual leave is calculated on the basis of hours worked. In order to access the unfair dismissal jurisdiction, an employee must be “dismissed” from their employment by the employer. Additionally, seasonal restrictions may also be enforced to prevent employees from taking annual leave during certain times of the year, for example, during the lead up to Christmas. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. The timeframe for dealing with requests: It is important to ensure you are responding to requests for annual leave within an appropriate timeframe. A big project needs finishing by the end of the month. Many employers will also have rules regarding the maximum length of annual leave that can be taken at one time to prevent staff having long periods of absence from work. This could be the case if for example holiday cover has been set up already. Croner Group Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the sale of non-investment insurance contracts. It’s important to understand that you do not always have to approve a leave request. It is not a legal requirement to include a bespoke annual leave cancellation policy within the provided HR documentation, however there are many companies that do. The Fair Work Regulations 2009 (Cth) impose a number of obligations on employers with respect to the making and keeping of employee records and pay slips. We are an approved supplier by the Legal Aid Agency and can provide legal advice and representation and our legal representatives are accredited members of the Law Society Mental Health Tribunal Panel, a dedicated body of solicitors specialising in Mental Health Law. If an employer wants a worker to take leave, they need to make sure that the worker can relax, rest and enjoy leisure during their holiday. Do you think your employer may be in breach of UK employment law? This type of cookie collects information in a way that does not directly identify anyone. The timeframe for dealing with requests. Generally, employers remain able to require workers to take annual leave to ensure that holiday is taken in the leave year to which it relates. If the employer refuses and/or cancels so many leave requests leaving the employee without the ability to use up their annual leave allotment the employee could be able to claim constructive dismissal as well. It should also detail exactly how much annual leave the employee is entitled to and how they should go about booking it. This is typically a maximum of 2 weeks of continuous leave from work, with any requests in excess of two weeks being declined. Necessary cookies enable core functionality such as security, network management and accessibility. That will give the employer time to assess the request and to make the necessary plans to cover for the employee’s absence should the annual leave be approved. The amount of notice provided by the employee: If the employee provides an unreasonably short amount of notice that does not provide the business enough time to adequately cover their absence the business may refuse the leave request. Equally the employee should do the right thing by his/her employer and give as much notice as is possible about the proposed annual leave. 8654528. Did your employer stop you from taking your entitled annual leave? The employer may need to refuse certain leave requests if this would be in the business’s best interest to do so. This may affect how reasonable a refusal would be. The amount of annual leave the employee has accrued: You are not required to allow your employee to take any additional leave on top of what they have accrued. Refusing a request for annual leave – everything you need to know! For example, an employer cannot force a sick worker to take leave. Regulation 13 clearly outlines the entitlement to annual leave that each employee is entitled to while regulation 15 outlines further instructions on cancellation and notice periods of annual leave. In any case, the business should give a good reason as to why the decision to reject the request was made. Devonshire Street, Manchester M12 6JH However, there could still be a significant impact on employee morale and engagement. First Floor Sign up with your email addressto receive our latest insights. If an employer refuses annual leave and the employer takes time off anyway, this may result in a disciplinary offence. That’s why it’s worth noting that cancelling the holiday should be a last resort after all others options have been considered. 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[Mythbuster] You Can't Cancel Annual Leave Once It's Been Agreed. There saying if anyone who has not returned to work by 25th may will be required to take the last working week as holidays. Our employment law solicitors can help. How Many Sick Days Per Year are Acceptable in the UK. Call us today on 0800 231 5199 or fill in your details below to speak to an expert. A determinative response was not provided to the employee until 22 March 2017 – some 10 weeks later. If the employer does need to cancel an employee’s annual leave then they will need to provide adequate notice and their reason for doing so. We provide expert advice on all aspects of employment law, Award compliance, commercial law, WHS and sports law. One of the most common myths lingering around annual leave is that an employer cannot cancel an employee’s holiday once it’s been agreed. A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission has highlighted the importance of correctly managing employees’ requests for annual leave (Adriana Stevens v Horsley Park Supermarket Pty Ltd T/A Carlo’s IGA Horsley Park [2017] FWC 4626). Employers may consider some flexibility, especially during more popular holiday times, by allowing a small overlap of one to two days however there is no requirement to do so. Can an employee cancel a period of annual leave if they are unable to go on holiday due to the coronavirus outbreak? The notice period for this is at least twice as long as the leave they want their staff to take. Universal Square, Building 5 5th Floor, You can consider whether a request for annual leave during the notice period fits with the needs of your business, and refuse if necessary. The operational requirements of the business. The FWC rejected this argument and stated that the employer should have ensured that “unequivocal documentary communication of any decision to reject any application for annual leave is made in a timely manner”.

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