how to change frequency on bluetooth fm transmitter

Next song 2. Use the knob to adjust the volume by turn anticlockwise to decrease the volume, or clockwise to increase the volume. 0000177186 00000 n Turn on the power switch after power is connected. Listen to music mode, press once to decrease the volume 3. Press knob to pause playing , re-press to resume playing. After 3 seconds it will 3. Now, some Bluetooth speakers come with FM Tuners inside them. Francesco Marino / Getty Images The transmitters are weak and can only broadcast a few feet. APE, and FLAC via either Bluetooth, USB, or micro SD. 5. To adjust FM frequency Long press to enter state. Radio Station frequency is adjustable within 87.5 - 108. Turn on your car FM radio, and adjust the frequency of FMT255 to match your vehicles radio, The frequencies on the FMT255 are preset. 3. This can be activated by pressing the “Mode” button on the speaker. Hold +|- keys to increase/ decrease the radio station quickly. That way, the speaker will change between AUX, Bluetooth and FM Tuner. 3. Listening to FM Radio on Bluetooth Speakers with FM Tuner. 0000002750 00000 n 0000007849 00000 n A short range FM transmitter is a low-power FM radio transmitter that broadcasts a signal from a portable audio device (such as an MP3 player) to a standard FM radio. Most FM transmitters on the market at the moment work using Bluetooth. Long-press one second to find FM mode: 1. Listen to music mode, press once to increase the volume 3. 2. Previous song 2. 6. Example: If your car’s FM radio station is set to 107.7, set the transmitter to the same frequency (display should show “107.7”). Tune the FM transmitter to … In frequency modulation mode, press once to decrease … Long press knob to enter into frequency adjustment mode. Change the radio station up/ down by short pressing “+|-” keys . Under music playing mode , long press 【 】to switch playing from Bluetooth A2DP to TF card, then to USB. Using a Bluetooth FM transmitter typically involves four steps: Plug the transmitter into a power source (usually the cigarette lighter socket) Tune your car radio to an unused frequency. This is both good and bad. 4. Set the transmitter to broadcast on 89.9 FM, tune your radio to that frequency, and you should hear your music. 0000005945 … Increase frequency in frequency modulation mode: 1. Then press to adjust the frequency from the FM 87.5 to 108.0Mhz. Making sure Bluetooth FM Transmitter is properly plugged into the cigarette lighter socket in the car.

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