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Enjoy with some cold milk, hot tear or a cup of hot coffee! It is sweet and has many varieties of fillings, the most common of which are poppy seeds and walnuts. She shared the link with us, so now we are hooked on poppyseed rolls! Even Walmart does, here’s the LINK. BAKE: preheated oven 350 degree F. for about 45 to 50 minutes or until done. And, super great of you to take the time to leave feedback. Russian store? Your personal preference. That just totally made my weekend. Please tell your friend I’m so grateful. I purchased mine at Marc’s if you have one near you in the baking isle with like the pie filling. Sometimes I like it sweeter so then I add liquid honey to taste. Prepare the dough: Place flour in a large bowl. Wanted to say thank you for sharing. You may cook it for a 5 minutes on top of the stove if you wish but it is not necessary. Let rise in a greased bowl, covered, for about 45 minutes, till doubled in bulk. Stir until cool. This way they smell fresh and not dusty. MIX and KNEAD for about 10 minutes and little more flour if necessary. So good with only one egg. I must agree though, it’s pretty fantastic and has been on repeat in our home a lot! Fold over one side of the roll, then fold the other side atop the first. Thank you for ALL the recipes!! Learn more. . We currently don’t have one on the blog but that is a recipe coming soon. Set aside. . Spread with Poppy Seed Filling. Glad you enjoyed this easy recipe! There is a Hungarian similar recipe called : “Beigli” where the poppy seeds are first grinded and then boiled in milk to make a paste, cool and fill the roll.Same idea with with walnut. It’s so nice to know that my hard work is appreciated :). I use a large stone Mortar and Pestle. Gently roll out the dough into a rectangle about 8/9” x 12/13” in size. Cover two rimmed baking sheets with parchment paper, lightly spray with baking spray. Punch down and divide into TWO parts. So I just fold the roll over like so there in 3 layers and not roll it up? <3. Can’t wait for you to try this roll, you’re in for a treat! There’s just something about the combination of cream cheese with poppy seed filling in a soft yeast bread that can’t be beaten. I am not clear on the folding process. Let them dry preferably overnight. It’s pretty amazing, Vita. Lightly dust surface with flour. Cover, let rise until doubled, about 45 minutes, brush with egg wash or cream. We had them on a regular basis. Sprinkle yeast over milk mixture, sprinkle 1 tablespoon sugar over yeast, whisk together and allow to activate. Great recipe to share with parents, think they’ll love the roll. Set aside to rise 30 minutes. Thanks for visiting our online home?.. ? Tag @valentinascorner on Instagram and use hashtag #valentinascorner. Thaw the poppy seed and cream cheese roll and enjoy. They should be a nice dark brown colour. This Poppy Seed Roll with Cream Cheese recipe. Bake 25-30 minutes until rolls are golden in color. Nothing to be sorry about! You got it right, you pinch together both end sides and fold under and also the longer edge that has the edge, pinch that as well and keep it under the roll. So good with only one egg. What do I use if we don’t have the premade poppyseed mix? Made these for the first time today and they turned AMAZING!!! Sift the flour in a large bowl, Make a well in the middle of the flour and add the dissolved yeast. This recipe is a keeper. What’s the best way to store them? I have both blade and burr grinders, but none is perfect for poppy seeds. (I use evaporated milk to brush tops) I like to slash tops lightly about 1/4 inch deep and 2 inches apart all the way up the roll. This is the perfect dessert recipe to freeze for later. And then the other side towards the middle so that the cheese covers the plain dough? This post may contain affiliate links. Love hearing that, Lena. Be careful as you are tasting it for sweetness you may just eat all of the filling. God bless you. THE DAY BEFORE: Scald with boiling water 2 1/3 cups poppies and drain off the water. Let stand for 1 hour in hot water. Drain poppies through a cheesecloth covered net sieve. If you like poppy seed bread desserts, also try our Poppy Seed Babka recipe! I’m so glad you enjoyed the poppy seed roll. These are so delicious! Pinch edges together to close seams so nothing oozes out. So motivated to make these more often now!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Anna. I’m so happy to hear that, makes me smile really BIG. Or freeze them. Thanks for visiting our humble online home<3. Place on greased baking sheet. Makowiec Polish Poppy Seed Roll, is very popular in southwestern Pennsylvania where Ed grew up. My mother-in- law, and most other bakers in the area, would often make Makowiec and … Do I fold the one side towards the middle so that the cheese covers the poppy seeds. (Dough can be mixed by hand or with a dough hook in a mixer.). thank you for sharing! Hi Tanya, Start out with 4 cups of flour, add additional flour as needed. You’re so sweet. Thank you! I still give them a good scalding several times to remove the bitterness and dust from the poppies. Once the roll completely cools, place it in a freezer bag and freeze. This recipe makes 4 small rolls, however, you can make 3 medium rolls. I am just confused though, lol sorry. And I am soo soo excited for you to try it. In the middle of the bowl, create a well. Soft and airy yeast bread roll with poppy seed and cream cheese filling. Where can I find a can of poppy seeds? Roll each into rectangle. Roll up each rectangle like a jelly roll. I posted a close up with letters, I think that will help <3.. Please read our disclosure policy. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Lily. Cover, let rise until doubled, about 45 minutes, brush with egg wash or cream. You want the dough to be soft to touch BUT not sticking to your hands. Sometimes I buy ground poppies (NOT in a can) from the German deli. You are in for such a treat. 136 %, teaspoon almond flavoring (or vanilla), cup chopped almonds (or pecans or walnuts). You can either lightly roll the roulade (as the final picture of the images shows in the video) or you can fold it over, as described. Makes me so happy. Bulk ‘n Barn also has it unpacked. The most perfect recipe. Meanwhile, beat cream cheese and 1/3 cup sugar; set aside. We really, really like cream cheese so I do a portion and a half of the cream cheese filling. This looks delicious!! Thank you so much for easy step by step tutorial. Do try this filling it is one of the best. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "abba709f7da55861ee56f1280203d083" );document.getElementById("a3194b4ed8").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Can’t wait to try this. Once the poppy seed roulade completely cools, dust with flour. Yes, 3 layers :). Soft yeast bread roll with sweet cream cheese and poppy seed filling. In a small saucepan, add butter, 1/2 cup sugar and milk, heat until very warm but not hot (no warmer than 100 degrees). Excited to make this asap. Place on greased baking sheet. Good quality flour is best. Beigli is an authentic Hungarian pastry roll that is often served for Christmas. Continue mixing until flour it is fully incorporated and isn't sticking to sides of the bowl. If folding in three; fold part (a) over part (b), then fold part (c) over part (a). I want to say most grocery stores have them. <3. I like it warm so I even place it in my oven for a few minutes and it feels like you just baked it. FOR THE DOUGH: DISSOLVE: 1/2 cup of warm water, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 package yeast (1 Tablespoon). Pinch seams to make edges secure. Thanks for visiting our online home. THANK YOU! 409.8 g how to make poppy seed roll-You can either lightly roll the roulade (as the final picture of the images shows in the video) or you can fold it over, as described. The brand of flour you use will impact the amount of flour needed. Transfer dough onto surface and divide into four parts. You can use your favorite poppy seed filling recipe. Julia, I’m so glad you enjoyed the poppy seed roll. This easy recipe will become a favorite, without a doubt. Cover bowl with plastic wrap then a towel and allow to rise at room temp for 1 1/2 hours. This is a delightful sweet dough. Thanks, will be trying these this weekend. Maybe Canadian flour if you have it, or sapphire flour. If you will just lightly roll into a roulade, then spread the poppy seed over all of the dough and then the cream cheese over the poppy seed filling and lightly roll … In the middle of the dough add poppy seed filling and on either side spread cream cheese. A friend from church made this, brought it to a gathering and everyone loved it! The big problem is grinding the poppy seeds. Sprinkle poppy seed atop rolls. Looks so delicious i need to make this bread! Right? This is a soft dough. Made this today and to the most amazing thing I have ever had… SOOOOO GOOODDDD!!! Whisk the 2 eggs and pour into the center of the flour. Enjoy! Total Carbohydrate Slowly, mix in the flour into the milk mixture. Poppy seeds are everywhere (Toronto, GTA), in almost any grocery store, like Whole Foods. The dough is so soft and fluffy and surprisingly easy to make! Was totally afraid of working with yeast but this turned out quite amazing! Also,do you use all-purpose flour? Thank you so much for such a great and easy recipe! Roll up each rectangle like a jelly roll. We share true comfort food recipes with easy detailed recipe instructions for success. Stop back and visit our online home again. Add around the yeast, the sugar, butter, egg, lemon peel and milk. Thank you, Mariana. Awwww, you are way too sweet and totally made my evening. That’s awesome, Olenka. The company is Solo. Delicious! Your baby girl is sooooo cute in the video, I love when your kids do your recipes ?? I love hearing that, makes my heart sing. (The nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.). Thanks for sharing that, Svetlana. <3. Room temp in a closed Tupperware container:). I put poppy seeds in a bowl, scald with hot water and wait until the poppies have settled and then pour off the water. Do you fold the ends under? And I agree, so easy to make and so delicious. This is really, really good. Thanks so much for the feedback, Toria. Once cooled, dust with powdered sugar. =). I’ll try cooking the poppy seeds powder in condensed milk. Do you pinch both ends closed as well as the long seam? FOR THE POPPY SEEDS: Stir HOT milk into GROUND poppy seeds, add the rest of the ingredients in the order listed.

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