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Get directions, reviews and information for Emperor Palace Restaurant in San Francisco, CA. It is claimed that there are many secret paths that lead through time and reality, though only the elegant and deadly Harlequins are reputed to know of such routes. As the moral corruption of the Aeldari tightened its stranglehold, echoes of ecstasy and agony began to ripple through time and space. The Golden Throne's gateway, the Imperial conduit and the alien-built Webway-tunnels were all both physical and psychic in nature. But this would merely prove a temporary respite, as the burden of holding the gate closed quickly drained the valiant Malcador of his life force. In this way, whole masques of Harlequins can position themselves in ambush, guaranteeing themselves the element of surprise. The food prices are solid and portions are generous.

As with all of the Aeldari's most prized artefacts, the Webway was brought into being by psychic means, and the substance of its myriad corridors are protected by manner, methods and composition of their construction from incursions from the Warp. Price 10% Commorragh was originally the greatest of the Webway port-cities, impossibly vast and able to transport a fleet to any of the most vital planets of the Aeldari Empire by virtue of its many portals. This enables the Aeldari to transfer swiftly to places directly connected by the Labyrinth Dimension, but makes it extremely difficult for them to reach worlds that have no gate into the network. So well versed are they in the Webway's secret routes that many other Aeldari have credited the servants of the Laughing God with supernatural powers. Prior to the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, and over a period of several standard centuries, the Emperor directed tens of thousands of Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-priests to modify the Golden Throne so that it could be put into use as the nexus of his secret Imperial Webway Project. The arterial passageways of the hyperdimensional construct are large enough to carry spacecraft, though most tunnels only allow strike forces of Aeldari on foot or small vehicles to pass. The Emperor believed that this level of unity would be necessary if humanity was truly to thrive and prosper in such a dangerous universe.

As noted above, is rumoured that a complete map of the Webway was made many thousands of Terran years ago, which is now kept in the Black Library. Amidst the swirling psychic energy of the Empyrean, the corruption of the decadent Aeldari became manifest on a horrifying scale as the flood of raw emotions coalesced into a gestalt consciousness. Ravaged by war and catastrophe, many of its tunnels have been torn open or amputated entirely, and a great number of its entrances have been sealed by the Aeldari themselves as a desperate measure to deny their foes access. So it was that the Drukhari or "Dark Ones," were born, a race of sadistic parasites who subsist upon the anguish of others in order to prevent the slow death of their immortal souls. Through the Webway the Aeldari can travel farther and faster than most other starfaring species. The Warpgates that allow entry to the Labyrinth Dimension range in size from personal gates intended for foot travel to massive ones that entire craftworlds can use. It is a name the Aeldari will not speak, instead whispering Sai'lanthresh, translatable from the Aeldari Lexicon as "She Who Thirsts." Yet Commorragh plays host to more than just the Drukhari race. Thousands of starships dock each day at its spires, for the Drukhari are a far more numerous species than the Imperium of Man, or even their own craftworld Asuryani kin, fully suspect. They relocated into the Labyrinthine Dimension known as the Webway, taking over hidden ports and setting up strongholds at key nodal points within which to continue their debased pursuits. Enjoying my Chinese pastries with my afternoon nespresso.

He is also said to constantly struggle to keep the forces of the Dark Powers of Chaos at bay so that Humanity can flourish even to the extent that it has in the galaxy. A sickness of vice overtook the Aeldari, and blood flowed through the streets amidst the bestial roar of the crowd.

Much of the Webway has fallen into obscurity and disrepair, with many sections destroyed or found uncharted after the Fall of the Aeldari.

With the arrival of the Dathedian as the Aeldari called it -- known in the Imperium as the Cicatrix Maledictum or Great Rift -- the sudden outpouring of Warp energy shattered many arterial spars of the Webway. The only exception is the... hidden gem within the inner richmond! Service 1.5/5 It is not known whether the Emperor's ability to protect individual Human beings from the powers of Chaos is related to the destroyed Terran portal of the Webway or to the unknown alien device that lies at the heart of the Golden Throne itself.

But those days are long gone. The Emperor of Mankind upon the Golden Throne. As a species bereft of psykers, the Necrons are incapable of Warp travel, and without access to the Webway, they would be forced to rely once more on slow-voyaging stasis-ships, dooming them to isolation within the galaxy. It was too valuable to the Aeldari as a whole to belong to any single aspect of their interstellar empire, so it existed outside the jurisdiction of the great Aeldari councils of that time. Food 3/5 Although no longer entirely accurate, the Atlas Infernal shows many secret ways through the Labyrinthine Dimension that have since been lost or forgotten. To reach this fabled realm, one must court madness itself, travelling secret passages through the Webway, evading the gaze of the horrifying entities that stand guard, and unlocking one of the library's cunningly hidden entrances amid veils of riddle and illusion.

Because the technology to create them has been lost, intact Webway gates are some of the Aeldari's most treasured artefacts. No creature was ever conceived that was as terrible or perverse as the Chaos God Slaanesh. Even though they would never admit it, they know in their hearts that, try as they might to allay their fate, unless something changes beyond their imagination to conceive, Slaanesh will claim them in the end. Yet the Webway's portals still allow the brave and the bold to strike without warning at millions of locations throughout realspace. In the late 30th Millennium, during the Unification Wars on Terra, buried deep under a huge and inhospitable desert on the Terran continent of Asia, the Emperor of Mankind discovered a portal that led to the Webway's vast network of tunnels that had been constructed eons ago by a xenos race more ancient than the Terran sun. The Webway has been described as an incredibly complex network of arteries and capillaries, a maze of glowing tunnels, and a mystic tapestry of hidden threads that spread across the veil between realspace and the Warp. One by one, the leaders of the cults of excess that were taking over Aeldari society became obsessed with their own power.

Almost invariably, these realms were linked via portals to the sprawling and exhilaratingly lawless city of Commorragh. As a result, the Asuryani and Drukhari travel infrequently to places that lie more than a few light years from the safety of their Webway portals. Assuming they could feed regularly enough on the pain of other sentient beings, the Aeldari of the Webway became physically immune to the passage of time. It is an organic, adaptable map of the Webway, dating from before the time of the Horus Heresy. Service 10% From these worlds they have taken slaves in greater numbers than ever before. This would inevitably attract a large daemonic presence during the voyage, making the trip extremely hazardous. Since the Fall of the Aeldari in the late 29th and early 30th Millennia of the Imperial Calendar, the Webway has become a realm shattered and dangerous, its splintered reaches infested by strange beings from different realities.

The ancient Aeldari were taught about this arcane technology by the Old Ones, and quickly mastered the Labyrinth Dimension of the Webway, expanding their realms into the furthest corners of reality where they learned much about the universe that has since been forgotten. Although Aeldari spacecraft can travel through the Warp itself, the Aeldari avoid using Warpspace because they possess a powerful depth and range of emotion which gives them a stronger psychic presence in the Empyrean that other intelligent species.

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