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Cycling training burnout, or overtraining syndrome, is when the amount of training you do exceeds the amount of recovery you do. And more importantly, my main priority is to enjoy the racing season rather than flogging myself. Emphasize a gradual increase in the volume over intensity. Swimming and cycling have reported similar figures, but those that participate in strength-based sports, such as weightlifting, appear to be at lower risk of overtraining syndrome, with only one or two cases observed in the published literature. Overtraining is an imbalance between training and recovery. The best way to avoid overtraining is to monitor fatigue and rest frequently. These changes can include changes in resting or exercise heart rate, altered immune function increasing risk of infection, difficulty sleeping, and mood changes. You’ll need physiological recovery with proper nutrition (this one may work for you). Speaking of that, one obvious clue that my mental energies were also running on fumes was that, despite being a scientist and having power meters (often more than one) on pretty much every bike, I was starting to take a very laissez-faire attitude towards logging my training. Even More Rest Its signs and symptoms are highlighted, with training, dietary and other lifestyle recommendations to help prevent and treat the condition. At times, even the best of intentions can lead to not so desirable consequences. The signs of cycling training burnout are like overreaching, but the main difference is the length of time (weeks to months) you feel off your game. To recover well from a period of short-term cycling overtraining, research shows you must consume carbs and enough protein. This fall, I was flying at the CX practices early in the season at the start of September, to the point where I was keeping up with the fast guys in our club. First, it’s hard to go wrong when dealing with NFOR to rest and then rest some more. They performed this training on 2 occasions, separated by a recovery period of 2 weeks. So I decided to take the past week off yet again, with only easy rides into work (35 min each way). Physiological Perspective of Endurance Overtraining – A Comprehensive Update, Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the overtraining syndrome: Joint consensus statement of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) and the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), The best cycling rain gear you need to buy now, Useful running gear for beginners to boost your comfort, The Most Popular Women’s Running Shoes and Accessories, The Most Popular Indoor Bike Trainers for Every Budget, Indoor cycling? Learn the signs of overtraining and how you can plan and monitor your training to avoid it. If this keeps up, we can reach a full-blown case of Overtraining Syndrome (OTS), where our performance can drop for months if not a full year. Well, the tests started coming in late September and the results were pretty ugly. I felt really good during my warmup and the race itself, and moved up in the standings despite my tumble. • Once you feel you’re rested, rest some more. OTS not only affects the muscular system, but also the circulatory system, the nervous system, and the hormone regulation system. Sleep has a dramatic impact on the quality of your training session and general well-being. In this follow up post, I will specifically address how to self-treat OTS. You’ll recover (and be stronger) from this in a few days or weeks. Researchers used daily training logs during an entire season in swimmers to identify overtraining. A good number of carbs could help you do the same. How many days have you had a poor workout? How to Safely Overreach to Advance Your... How to Perform a Key Lower Leg Stability Exercise, How to Perform a Key Hip Stability Exercise. Depending on the duration of symptoms and the severity of the case, OTS is a serious condition which can take a long time to recover from. Coupled with a consistent spring and summer of solid riding, I was eager to test myself in my CX racing category. Stephen Cheung is a Canada Research Chair at Brock University, and has published over 110 scientific articles and book chapters dealing with the effects of thermal and hypoxic stress on human physiology and performance. Cross-training can also help you prevent overtraining -- if you are a runner, try a cycling class once or twice a week or do yoga to enhance flexibility and core strength. The most telling red flags for overtraining were: What does this mean for you? ... Training Camp Syndrome. Discover how you can continue to train hard and avoid the associated poor performance, illness, and injury that can result in lost training days and opportunity! If you are heavily participating in CrossFit or running, choose leisurely cycling and yoga as part of your cross training routine. If is often caused by excessive high-intensity training with insufficient rest periods. For example, a bad training session for several sessions. If you haven’t, then think about taking a day off, getting sleep, and consuming a balanced diet of quality carbs and protein. If you're concerned that you may be pushing into Non-functional overreaching or even overtraining syndrome, consider consulting with a coach or sports doctor. You can spot the symptoms and effects from a mile away. The next occasion, cyclists consumed a higher amount of carbs—6.4% carbohydrate solution before and during training and a 20% carbohydrate solution after training. Overtraining syndrome occurs when you are just doing too much. This carb consumption totaled 6.4g/kg body mass a day. • Analyzing training is not just about numbers, but also interpreting off-bike cues and taking a big picture view of your entire life. Everyone is an individual, but I think there are some common themes that we can all take from my example of playing with fire: • You can only push your body so hard for so long. That is where you really have to trust the numbers, and where data comes in super handy. Sheebes is here to give mental toughness tips and resources to help you, the endurance athlete, achieve your personal best.

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