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Locations. Sanctuary of Eleusis show the map Sanctuary of Isthmia show the map Sanctuary of Mt. Leonidas defied the Pythia and the Cult, calling for Dienekes to ready his … To start, Layla and Otso Berg. But that’s the smallest of my worries. I have a lot to say about it. This great general is among seven of his peers.". Bandit Camp 65. "With so much to see in Delphi, it may be hard to find me. Delphi/Sanctuary of Apollo: And finally, I reach the last location (for now). We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Enter the Sanctuary of Delphi. Look below this statue of a basket of flower petals to inspect for the engraving. I thought it was really interesting and fun to play, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the ending was just not up to standard. This man simultaneously gives me life and rips my heart to pieces. The biggest being that they played out the Underworld to be almost equal to Tartaros in a way, and it’s not. The time had come to infiltrate. But I feel like it was rushed. The obvious one is Odyssey is a good game, which is a fairly popular opinion because, well, it’s a really good game. In the classical world and onward, Delphi was very important as the seat of the Oracle of Delphi, but my own personal reverence for Apollo is mostly why this is one of my favorite locations. And Adonis and Hermes, if we can use DLC characters. You need to gather information of the cultists’ plans by interacting with people or objects. Greece Elysium Underworld Atlantis? She’s too perfect, and I absolutely do not regret spending real money on her. They did a phenomenal job bringing Ancient Greece to life, and it makes me so happy. You will then dress up as one of the cultists of Kosmos before entering the lair. Story wise, I get what they were doing and it makes sense. Military Camp 99. The Atlantis dlc. Write your own epic odyssey and become a legendary Greek Hero in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, an inspiring adventure where you must forge your destiny in a world where every choice matters. Not really. The Ainigmata Ostraka can be found in the main temple here after clearing the culists, just below the large indoor statue to Athena along with a loot chest. I really truly do believe they had more planned for this story, but those plans got cut off and they had to just wrap it up really quickly. Location: Pephka, Krete; Odyssey sets up a fight with the legendary minotaur a little earlier than expected in this short quest found within Pephka. (I’ll give Hermes and Brasidas the stories they deserve!). Assassin's Creed Odyssey Interactive Map. Historical Location 176. Just walk towards the quest marker. In 480 BCE, King Leonidas I of Sparta consulted the Pythia at the sanctuary. These are just a few of my favorites! I know the Greek/Mycenaean but my Egyptian knowledge is more limited. Fort 30. The very end of the Atlantis dlc was, at best, underwhelming, and at worst, a downright disappointment. To find the right statue, enter near the Southeast side and look along the South border of the Sanctuary for the historical site - the Monument of Epigones - which features seven generals - one of which holds both sword and spear. Leader House 21. I may be a little too excited for this feature. I’ve played several games that I thought were very beautiful, but none of them beat Odyssey. It will lead you back to the temple of Apollo in Phokis, where you met the Oracle of Delphi. Show All Hide All. over time ill improve my picture taking skills, i just adore classics and this game gives me lots of opportunity, i promise i am working on his parallels to hector, i just want that to be interesting and make sense, i dont want to annoy anyone or scare people away lol, its hard to choose between all my pics of her, shes fed up with herodotos in the 3rd pic, hopefully there aren't too many grammatical errors. Overall, it was very good—I really did like playing it and I thought the story was literally amazing. Along with the Pythia, several members of the Cult of Kosmos warned Leonidas about waging war with King Xerxes I of Persia, who had begun an invasion of Greece. I wish my photos did her justice, but they don’t. Zas show the map Sanctuary of Olympia show the map Sanctuary of … First, I think they did the setting all wrong. Knossos Palace: This location is similar to part of why I love Thebes so much–it’s Minoan, and I adore the Minoans. Story Creator Mode seems like it’ll be really fun! In the classical world and onward, Delphi was very important as the seat of the Oracle of Delphi, but my own personal reverence for Apollo is mostly why this is one of my favorite locations. Past FE installments are very different from the newest ones, but the new ones are no less Fire Emblem. Then you can open the door to the temple and go down to the crypt where the Cult gathered in Story Sequence 3. We were ultimately left with more questions than answers imo. 1. You should see this line of guards. Plus, I’m essentially studying this time period and more of the culture, so seeing that option to explore what I’m studying for a living in a game that I love made my little classics heart flutter with joy. Now I’ll move onto the dlc, and for now, I’m going to skip the Legacy dlc (it’ll come up later). I (unfortunately) know why we couldn’t romance Brasidas (still think it was a bad decision @ Ubisoft), but why couldn’t we romance Anthousa, Erinna, or Damalis??? I’m realizing that Ubisoft has an awful lot of explaining to do. The Sacrifice of Iphigenia: I have complained about this one, mostly because in mythology, this occurred at Aulis, and while it is close to Aulis, this historical location in game is slightly off. The next best thing they can do is either surprise us and give us another dlc (doubt this one will happen), or continue the story in the trilogy, which works for me because it kind of points to Ancient Rome. By no means is the Underworld desirable (see Achilles’ response), but it’s not that  bad per se. There the final battle takes place. They don’t necessarily need to be as RPG oriented as Odyssey (though I did like that), but having that feel of RPG is a lot of fun for the story they’re telling. I dare say it never has been (historically). There must be more to this story. There was very little build up for that, so when it happened, I didn’t really think much of it and I still don’t. I think the story could’ve been told a bit better if they had lumped Hades/Persephone/Underworld/Elysium into one chapter, used Olympus as another (since it’s tragically not in Greece in the game), and then Atlantis. The Oracle revealed the secret meeting place of the mysterious Cult of Kosmos, and Alexios could finally lift the veil they had drawn around their cause. I’ll admit, I am incredibly biased on this one. ... Below is the exact location of the Sanctuary. It really feels like there was supposed to be more here. What happened with Aletheia? Basically these are some of my hot takes from Odyssey, plus a few arguments for Legion as opposed to Vikings. The locations and their historical/mythological backgrounds are no exception. I’ll say more on the actual conference later, after my shift tonight most likely. Cave 66. Where my opinions starts to deviate is that I like it as an Assassin’s Creed. Which leads me to my next point. Fortress 5. I might look into that actually… I am working on the Hermes Trismegistus post, it’s just taking a long time because I had to do some more research on the Egyptian side of things, and I had three midterms and a paper proposal to complete. I still think an AC in Mycenae would be so fun. Tartaros is for punishing the most evil, the Underworld is for everyone else. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Sideblog • I tend to talk too much about Classics, Obviously, I’m very much into all things Ancient Greece, so the historical accuracy of Odyssey is something I love to look at. I love Brasidas ❤️. Search. Basically, where many people said they wouldn’t be interested in Assassin’s Creed keeping with the style of Origins/Odyssey, I absolutely would—in fact, I hope they do. X. We got no indication as to why she was doing this, and we didn’t get any explanation for the connection to Juno/Aita. Chaos, order, etc, and I thought that was really neat. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Full Map is bigger and better than ever. It is what it is, but by making the landscape unbearable and Hades a chaotic and almost evil king, they made it seem more like a second Tartaros.

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