why is it necessary to regulate election campaign

But the card is not yet compulsory for voting. What are the reserved constituencies? Ltd. All rights reserved. Elections must be held regularly after every few years. The three discussed below are the most common. Question 1. What do you mean by “Universal Adult franchises”? The most successful slogans used during election campaigns were: Question 14 election campaign is the public campaign that is undertaken by a candidate after his/her application to contest in elections is accepted by the election commission. Education qualifications of the candidate. Share 3. Question 11. All 50 states mandate that candidates for elective office report the contributions they receive and the expenditures they make while pursuing public office. Five years, Question 6. It is a mechanism by which people can choose their representatives at regular intervals. A candidate may directly reach out to the voters through election rallies and roadshows. Basically campaigning is all about education the citizens about the issues, political parties and candidates involved in Elections so that we as votes make the right choice on Election Day. The voters who live in a particular constituencies elect one person to represent their constituencies. Answer: Seen by many as a natural extension of an individual’s freedom of speech, using money to influence elections troubles those who believe money can have a corruptive influence on candidates. It enjoys the same kind of independence that the judiciary enjoys. (Any three). Even if the ruling party or the government does not like what the Commission does, it is virtually impossible for it to remove the Chief Election Commissioner. Sometimes election is held only for one constituency to fill the vacancy caused by death or resignation of a member. The powers of the Election Commission of India are as follows: Question 15. Everyone should have the right to vote and every vote should have equal value. This number is proportionate to their population. Firstly, in election campaigns, political parties try to focus public attention on some big issues. (If applicable). Answer: Question 24. The party promised to remove poverty from the country. Why it is necessary to regulate election campaigns ? The Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha stands ‘dissolved’. In the last few years a new system of Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) has been introduced. Write a brief note on the Election Commission. The Election Commission of India is a federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes in India. It is often said that elections are a burden on people. Answer: Question 23. The content for this webpage was created by Brian Cruikshank from William and Mary Law School, in coordination with NCSL's staff.

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